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Having a difficult time finding a house to buy?

Join the club! The number of homes available for sale right now isn’t horrible, but the moment one becomes available, you are sure to have a lot of competition. In fact, many of our clients that we are helping to buy a home have submitted offers on as many as 4 different homes… only to have the seller accept an offer from another buyer. It can be downright frustrating - for you as well as for us as real estate agents.

That being said, an alternative to buying an existing home is having one built. For some reason, many people disregard new construction as a viable option in the home search. This is surprising considering the fact that it’s actually just as easy to buy a newly constructed house as it is an established one.

In fact, there are other features and benefits of building your home, here are a few to consider:

  • A typical new home can be bought in a price range of $175,000 - $350,000.

  • Interest rates are still at extremely low rates, and most lenders will finance new home construction with no problems at all - some prefer it!

  • Our Home Building Partners not only have homes right now in new communities, they can build their models on your own land or lot of your choice in most locations!

  • A new home with one of our Home Builder Partners might be ready for you right now or can be built from the ground up in as little as 4 - 6 months.

  • Permits, utilities, coordination with other vendors, and almost all of the more stressful processes is done by our Home Building Partner - leaving you with selection of paints, appliances and other aesthetic decision-making and moving in.

  • We (our team of real estate agents) can negotiate the best deal for you - total price, free upgrades, warranties, closing costs are all important areas that we get the best deals on for you - and you don’t pay us a dime, our commission is paid by the Home Builder!

There are lots of reasons to consider new construction as an option instead of waiting for an already owned home to come on the market.

If you are curious or interested, let us know your info and we will get right back to you to setup a day/time to see some of these beautiful homes by some of our Home Builder Partners up close! Also, feel free to give us a call at 833-744-5483 if you’d prefer to talk right away.

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